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Glass menagerie frock





One of my favorite sights in Prima’s neighborhood is this beautifully carved front porch on an abandoned house. I wish I’d taken some pictures of the trim at the top and the second story balcony above it. They’re beautiful, although badly decayed. It started to rain while we were taking these photos and I insisted on staying under the shelter of the porch until it stopped, which worried Prima who thought she might fall through at any moment. Probably a reasonable concern.

Prima’s dress is the latest in this series. You can find it in her Etsy shop.

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Sydney sandstone


We went back to Australia for a wedding last week, and I had a lovely time walking around Sydney again. It’s a beautiful city, full of golden sandstone buildings with green copper roofs. It was nice to be back. There just aren’t enough gargoyles in my life right now.





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IMG_6072 (1)

When I first suggested meeting in Connecticut for a photo shoot, Prima was skeptical. Neither of us has ever spent much time there and she was concerned we wouldn’t be able to find any really good places to take pictures. When she found out there was a carousel she instantly went from reluctant to very excited. She’s wanted to do a carousel shoot for years, but I’ve put it off because the combination of low light from being indoors and a moving target makes it difficult to take good pictures. But I agreed to try, because really the point of this outing was just to see each other and play dress up a bit and we could always take photos next to the carousel rather than actually on it.

But when we arrived, the carousel was locked up! Fortunately there were many other lovely places to take pictures nearby and we wandered off for a day at the beach. But as we were finishing up photographing my dress (coming soon!) we noticed an open door. There was a wedding at the carousel planned for that evening, and the caterers had arrived to set up. We asked if we could take some pictures and nobody minded, and in the end it worked out perfectly! No motion blur or other people’s children in the background, and all the time we needed to take the photos we imagined.

Prima’s dress is for sale in her Etsy shop.

DSC01386 (3)



DSC01314 (1)


DSC01345 (1)


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N&P’s adventures


When we were kids one of our favorite parts of the day was Writer’s Workshop, where we wrote stories, edited them, and bound them into little fabric covered books. Prima’s ongoing series was titled N&P’s Adventures, and chronicled our expeditions to the creek behind her house, down the forbidden path to the graveyard near our school, or to the redwood forest with our families.


Since Prima moved to Brattleboro, Vermont a month ago, we can adventure together again! On Wednesday we both ditched work and met up in Connecticut. We had a lovely little picnic in the park, where we discovered we had two of everything: since we have exactly the same idea what a picnic should be like, we brought all the same things. We’ll plan better next time, but it was fun unpacking our picnic baskets and saying to each other “you brought plums? I brought plums!” After the picnic we headed off to the beach for a photo shoot which you’ll see soon!


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Pink hair

DSC01123 (2)

I dyed my hair pink. It makes me so happy.

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Fingerless gloves

I’ve always loved this pattern. When it first came out I lived in Sydney, where on the coldest day of the year a determined knitter might wear fingerless gloves, but she’d kind of wish she hadn’t. So I didn’t knit them for years. But now in New York in the fall, gloves are not only manageable, they’re actually quite nice. I hear that in the winter I’ll even want them with fingers!

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I’ll be putting up more wedding sewing posts later in the week (Isabel’s pink bridesmaid dress is next!), but today I’m excited about this yarn. We moved to New York right after the wedding, and for the first time in my life I live somewhere I can actually wear cozy hats and scarves. So many things to knit!

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Back patch pockets

The first step in sewing together a pair of jeans is to sew down the patch pockets in back. You just cut out the shape of a pocket, leaving your standard seam allowance on the sides and bottom and double allowance on top. Fold the top of the pocket over twice, press, and sew down. Fold over the sides and edges and press. Pin the pockets to the back of the pants, being careful to line them up so the two sides are symmetric. Sew along the edges.

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One of the highlights of the Berkeley Botanical Garden is a little hot-house packed with orchids and other tropical plants. There are spiny Venus Fly Traps, delicately curling ferns, and brightly colored Lady’s Slippers, and the epiphytic ferns and orchids hanging from the ceiling give the whole room a wonderful look.

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Lily pond

Last weekend Prima and I went to the Berkeley Botanical Garden to take some photos for her shop. As soon as I saw this top I knew I wanted to photograph it by water, and the garden’s Japanese Pool was the perfect place. Peaceful and green, with stepping-stones and lily pads. Prima’s favorite photos from the shoot can be seen in her listings for the pants and the blouse.

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