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Jazz age lawn party


On Sunday I went to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island with Kristin and Ashley. It was quite fun to pretend we’d gone back in time, to sit on the grass with our picnic and listen to music, to dance a bit, and most of all to admire everyone’s outfits.


This dress was a quick project I made in Brattleboro while Prima was working. Another old sari, bias cut and designed around the decorative edging, with serger binding in red thread. I love the fabric and I had fun playing with the decoration. But something went a bit wrong with the center triangle. The embroidered pallu at the end of the sari was narrow, and I wanted a long thin triangle anyway, one that would extend from the v-neck to a dropped waist and be no wider than my hips. But I wanted the squares of the embroidery to line up, so the angle of the center panel changes after the first square, making weird little corners. Also, the central triangle turns out to be a sort of awkward shape anyway – if I did it again I would have the triangle extend all the way to the hem and give up on keeping the top square intact. But the embroidered sari fabric makes up for a lot and I do like a dropped waist. It may not be particularly flattering, but that’s not it’s purpose – it’s an exaggerated, playful style that’s more about having fun than about showing off your body. And we did have fun.


I also decorated my hat to match! I bought a cheap paper cloche from the hat guy on the corner, ripped off the hideous polyester band, made a new one from a bit of silk left over from my dress, and clipped it in place with a feathered hairpin.


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Short hair


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Pink hair

DSC01123 (2)

I dyed my hair pink. It makes me so happy.

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Foliage hat

This hat is the Knitty pattern foliage, done in a sock weight yarn. Because of the smaller gauge and because I wanted a slightly slouchy hat, I did five pattern repeats in the crown.

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Rosalie (in a hat)

My sister Rosalie came to visit this weekend! We spent all day Saturday just walking around, talking about grad school and our new homes and generally catching up on the last three months. It was so great to see her.

I haven’t been able to blog my new knitting projects, since there’s been no one to model them, but with a sister around it was easy. This hat is from the free pattern Regina, and it was a very easy knit. I used a cotton yarn for the band and a wool for the main body of the hat, which makes for a warm cozy hat that doesn’t make my ears itch. This was a nice pattern to use with two different yarns – since there isn’t really a gauge to begin with, there was nothing to adjust. I highly recommend it.

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Flat cap

I love hats. I love sewing. But on the whole I don’t love sewn hats. The seams usually look out of place. But a cap like this is actually meant to be sewn and looks right that way.

I made this one for my dad, based on this tutorial. Rather than take apart an old hat, I carefully measured one, adding 5/8″ seam allowance along every edge. I used a milk bottle for the brim – it’s a bit stiffer than any of the cardboard I had in the house. If I made another one, I’d make the back of the hat a bit longer, but I’m pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

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Flapper Earwarmer Pattern

This turban-like earwarmer is a perfect last minute gift. Once I’d figured out the pattern Isabel’s took less than an hour to knit, even including breaks to take the cookies out of the oven and help my dad find his keys (turns out I had them all along). Just what I want from a Christmas knit. Plus, unlike the cape I made her last Christmas, this one might actually keep her warm in the New York winter.

I used a bulky weight yarn at about 3 stitches per inch, but the exact gauge isn’t important for this pattern.

Cast on 16 stitches

Odd rows: p1, k1, p1, k10, p1, k1, p1
Even rows: k1, p1, k1, p10, k1, p1, k1

Knit until piece measures 16″. Cast off. Sew ends together to form a loop, pulling hard on yarn as you sew, so the fabric gathers.

Cast on 5 stitches and knit in stockingette until piece measures 3″. Cast off. Wrap around seam of other piece, and sew ends together.

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Morning Glories

I think I mentioned before that I wear these pants pretty much every day. I just love them. One of the projects in my pile of things to make before I buy any more fabric is a corduroy version for fall. I’ll make them with slightly narrower legs, because the thicker fabric will stand away from the leg a bit more, but other than that I’m using the same pattern. These pants are all I ever want to wear.

The flower crown is one of Prima’s crepe paper creations. The flowers decorated my birthday present, and after I put one in my hair she twisted them into a crown for me.

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Graduation guests

Saturday was Rosalie’s college graduation (with honors! We’re so proud of her.) I quite like what Isabel did with her hair while waiting through the college president’s interminable speech.

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Sydney dress

Even though I have a bit of trouble with set in sleeves, most of the dresses I make have them. This is because I lived in Sydney, Australia for four years, where in the summer (and even the spring and autumn) my shoulders would burn just walking to the corner store. I designed dresses that kept my shoulders and the back of my neck out of the sun without being too warm. This was one of the most successful, mostly thanks to the very thin, soft cotton fabric. Sadly the very open, almost cheesecloth like weave makes it a very fragile fabric, and it has not lasted well. But I will keep wearing it until it completely falls apart (or I find fabric like this again) because there is nothing more comfortable on a hot sunny day.

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