Yet another draped t-shirt

Over the weekend I made a longer, tunic version of my favorite shirt.

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  1. ATC says:

    Hi…thanks for the pattern…how can I make the sleeves non-draped…and a little more curved into the similar to a dolman-type sleeve…I want to leave the sleeve seam open and join it every inch or so..with beads or lace thus creating an open ladder effect. I have Seen a tunic- length top like this and it’s beautiful. Hope you can help. I have a party to attend on June 1st 2012 and would love to wear it then.

    • naomi says:

      For a short sleeved version of the shirt you’re describing, cut out pattern pieces that look like this:
      You’ll want the neckline to be larger in front than in back if you want a cowl neck.

      If you want longer sleeves, you should have them curve gently down (so they follow the line of your shoulder/arm when you hold your arms slightly away from your body), but keep them fairly loose or it will be uncomfortable when you move your arms.

  2. Ebony says:

    My waist is small and my hips are big. How would I do my measurements for this. I want to look like yours, but I am afraid of making the bottom of the shirt too small

    • naomi says:

      Actually, I’m the same! Since this is a t-shirt, it’s not going to be as fitted as something with more seams. You can curve the side seams in at the waist and out at the hips, but it’s not going to be completely fitted at the waist. You’re right to worry about making it to tight at the hips – it’s much better to have it too loose at the waist where it can be tucked in or belted. For this one I cut it at a pretty wide angle bellow the bust, so it’s fitted just under the bust and flares out over my waist and hips, but you can definitely make one that’s a bit more fitted than this. Just play around with the shape of the side seams.

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