Winter coat

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It took me ages to get pictures of this coat. I made it back in November, and I’ve worn it almost every day since. But somehow it took until now to take a photo.

The coat is fitted with princess seams on top, with overlapping center panels like in a double breasted coat. But I only put buttons on one side, leaving it asymmetric. There’s a wide waistband cut in one piece connecting the front and back of the coat, leading into a pleated skirt with welt pockets. It has a shawl collar, which I made a bit longer than the neck opening/collar stand and gathered up with a strip of fabric to make a sort of bow. I’ll put up a tutorial for how to make this sort of collar if anyone’s interested.

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This was my original sketch of the coat, which ended up pretty accurate. The biggest change I made was to put in welt pockets, because side seam pockets made the skirt lumpy. I also ended up adding a snap to hold the floppy end of the collar bow in place.

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