Whale dress


If I cling to the wall a bit in all these photos, it is because the arch I was standing on, while sturdy and substantial, was two stories up. I’m not afraid of heights, but it was a long way down and seemed prudent to keep a hold on something. But the green hills reflected in the windows of this old brick factory was too pretty to pass up, and I like being up high.


The dress was designed to be something I can wear to work – casual, summery, with nice big pockets. The whale fabric is from Holli Zolinger on Spoonflower. I used two yards of cotton voile, which is a nice light summer fabric, but ever so slightly sheer. It’s ok in this print, but doesn’t work unlined in anything that has large unprinted white areas.


To make the dress, I cut out two large trapezoids, as wide as the fabric at the bottom and a bit larger than me at the top (my bust measurement is 33″, and each piece was about 20″), each 1 yard long. I added pockets at the seams and sewed up the sides. I cut out a wider neckline than I actually wanted – in the front this meant extending the straight line in the center, in the back it meant cutting out a wedge that went as low as I wanted the back to be but was wider. I gathered this extended neckline until it was actual neckline sized. The yoke is made from from a piece of linen left over from another project. I cut two pieces the same and used one as facing. I sewed the two front pieces together along the neck and armhole, did the same for the back, sewed up the shoulders by putting one tube inside the other, and finally sewed the gathered whale fabric to the yoke.


Thanks to Prima for taking the pictures and finding the location!

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