My collection of jersey remnants was getting large, and my collection of underwear in good repair was getting small, so yesterday I spent a couple of hours correcting that situation with the help of some stretch lace.


I made a pattern by pulling apart my favorite pair of worn out undies and tracing them onto newspaper. I pieced together some pairs, when my fabric wasn’t conveniently shaped, and covered the extra seams with appliquéd stretch lace. I finished all edges with stretch lace or lingerie elastic. In the past I’ve talked about finishing edges with the lingerie stitch on a serger, but I don’t have a serger here. Besides, I’ve mostly been wearing dresses lately and I find that serged edges ride up unless they have pants to hold them in place. Stretch lace is my current favorite way to finish underwear. To use it, just lay it over the unfinished edge and topstitch with a wide zig zag. Make sure your thread matches the lace.

For more on making your own underwear, check out my past posts on the subject here and and on Kristin’s blog.


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