Tulip print cover up

I bought this tulip print silk planning on making another summer sun jacket. But with the lighter texture of this fabric I wanted to make something a bit longer. So I used the full yard and made a simple rectangular version. I like it, but in retrospect I think the trapezoid I originally envisioned would have worked just as well.

This was almost as easy to make as the sun jacket – there are a couple more edges to finish so it takes slightly longer, but the concept is even simpler. I finished all edges, folded my 60″x36″ fabric in half to form a 30″x36″ rectangle, than sewed up the sides half way. To make the front opening and neck hole, I cut the center of one layer of fabric up to the fold and cut along the fold for 2″ in either direction, creating a t-shaped cut with a long stem and short branches. I finished the front by folding the fabric back 1/2″ and then 1 1/2″, to the edge of the cut, and finished the neck with a rolled hem.

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