Too much fabric

Yes, you can have too much fabric. When you can’t get the closet door closed, you have a problem. The best solution to this would probably be to clear out the closet, give away the fabric I’m never going to use, throw away the tiny left over scraps I should never have kept in the first place, and fold it all neatly so it fits on the shelves. But that’s not going to happen any time soon. Instead I have a plan to buy less fabric, and even get a few pieces off the shelf and into my closet.

This morning I pulled out all the fabric I’ve bought for particular projects, things that I’m excited about and know what I want to do with, but haven’t had time for. There are ten of them, which is way more than I expected. My plan is not to buy any fabric for myself (fabric for customer’s clothing is ok of course) until I have finished those ten projects. Since things sometimes go wrong and these projects may not all sound like good ideas when I get to them, I’m letting myself switch out any of these projects for something else made from fabric in my stash. But I will finish ten projects from fabric I already have before I buy anymore. Hold me to it!

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