The easiest shirt ever

I thought this shirt was easy to make, but it doesn’t compare to the one I made for Isabel this weekend. She started describing a shirt she’d seen: square, slightly cropped, very drapey. I asked her to draw a picture and she drew a rectangle. Yes, I can do that.

We found the drapiest fabric in the house, a fairly loose knit left over from Rosie’s weekend project. I measured her, cut out two rectangles, sewed up the sides and shoulders, cut out the neckline, and 10 minutes after she asked for it, she had a new top.

To make your own you will need half a yard of drapey knit fabric (a bit more if you want it longer). Avoid fabric that is in any way stiff or you’ll end up with a boxy shapeless shirt.

Decide where you want the sleeves to come to. Holding your arms straight out, measure from one sleeve edge to the other. This will be the width of your rectangle. Measure from the top of your shoulder to the point where you want the shirt to end. This will be the height of your rectangle. Cut out two rectangles as long as the sleeve to sleeve measurement and as tall as the shoulder to hem measurement.

Put the two rectangles together with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Using a slight zigzag stitch (so the seams will be stretchy like the fabric), sew half way up each side and all the way along the top. Cut out a neck hole in the top. I cut a boat neck, but any sort of neckline would work.

You’re done!

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