I love swings. In college I would go to the park near my house whenever I had something to think through and swing quietly until I’d sorted it out. There were never any children in that park, never any other people at all. Just me and a swing set. These days I live near busy parks where a grown up really should not be taking up a swing that someone much smaller would probably like to be on. But on my parent’s path, that’s not a problem. Their neighbor has built a particularly lovely pair of grown up sized swings looking out at San Francisco across the bay.



This dress is one of two seersucker projects from my recent visit home. The fabric in the yoke and trimming the pockets is the same as the skirt I posted recently. It’s a particularly excellent seersucker, with stripes in two shades of blue-gray, and I think it’s a nice match for this dotted swiss. The seersucker gives the yoke a bit of structure and the dotted swiss makes a light floaty skirt. They’re both such summery fabrics, they clearly wanted to fly.


Most of this dress should look a bit familiar to anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while. I’ve done a lot of yokes this year, and the waist gathers are straight off a Monet inspired dress I wear all the time. The only new thing is the jetted pockets, which I used mostly as a way of tying in the seersucker, and to a lesser extent so I wouldn’t have to deal with the awkward situation you get with a side zipper and in seam pockets where they sort of want to be in the same place. They didn’t come out entirely tidy – the dotted swiss is too light a fabric for that, but they’re stripy and that makes me happy.


Photos by my dad.

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  1. Alice says:

    Lovely! The sage green color is delightful, and I love the combination of stripes and subtle dots.

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