Summer pants complete!

The summer pants I’ve been planning and making are finally done! I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out. They are so wide legged they border on costumey, and I felt kind of weird wearing them to work. But they are so comfortable on a hot day, and they make me feel like the star of a black and white movie.

I followed the instructions I posted last month to draft the pattern for the legs. The waist band is just a strip of fabric 4″ wide and about 50″ long, and a lining with the same dimensions. I sewed them together (right sides in) along all four sides, leaving an unsewn gap as long as my waist in the middle of one long side, turned it right side out, and sewed that hole to the top of the pants, beginning and ending at the side zipper.

The dark gray chambray was the perfect fabric. It’s lighter weight than most pants, which gives it a nice drape and makes them very comfortable on hot days. If you wanted to make pants like these with a heavier fabric you would have to make the legs quite a bit narrower, since a stiffer fabric would stand out further from the leg.

If you want your own and don’t want to make them, they are available in my store. If you’d rather make them yourself, I’m happy to answer any questions about what I did!

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