Silver spots


This skirt came out a lot puffier than I’d intended. It’s my third project using double gauze, and I thought I had a feel for the way it drapes, but apparently not. I think the painted silver polka dots make this one a bit stiffer than the double gauze I’ve sewn with in the past. But whatever the reason, instead of the full, soft skirt I was picturing, the skirt ended up having strong tutu tendencies. I still like it. The fabric is really soft to touch, and I like the subtle shine of the dots. But it’s a bit dressier than I had originally envisioned and I doubt I’ll ever wear it to work.

DSC01786 DSC01783

The skirt is a combination of two approaches: the skirt is gathered into the waistband in front and in back the skirt and waistband both gather with an elastic waistband. This makes it easy to put on, but gives a more flattering flat band in front. It’s slightly harder than making the whole skirt one way, but not much so. Just make two half skirts, one in each style, then sew them together. Instead of putting a casing in back, I stretched the elastic as far as it could go and sewed that to the fabric. The gathers are a bit more even this way, but it’s a more work than a casing and a different look. I like it for the back of a skirt, but I wouldn’t do it all the way around.


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