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Kristin over at Sew Classic and Ashley at Craft Sanctuary have issued a challenge to make and model your own underwear. This is a great idea! Underwear is fun and easy to make, and should definitely be part of your repertoire if you like to sew. On Monday I wrote a guest post on Kristin’s blog about making your own underwear. It’s similar to something I posted here a couple of months ago, but I added a bit about choosing the right fabric and different ways to finish the edges.

Seeing Kristin and Ashley’s lingerie sewing projects and writing that tutorial put me in an underwear-making mood, and I made these sleep-shorts. If you’ve clicked through to the Show Your Skivvies Challenge (which you should), you know that I haven’t quite met it: I should be wearing them in the picture. Obviously I’m not. I like my body and I’m pretty comfortable with people seeing it if there’s a good reason. And I think “it’s helpful to see clothing on people” is a very good reason. You don’t really get a sense of a dress when you see it on a hanger – you don’t know where the seams lie, or how it fits, or how the skirt is meant to hang. Clothing is three dimensional art, and it doesn’t look right laid flat. This is even more true of a swimsuit than it is of a dress – with the elastic all bunched up on a table you really just don’t know what it would look like on. I don’t think that’s quite as true of these pj shorts, which are loose and don’t have much three dimensional shape even when they’re on, but I did mean to model them for you. But I’m back in New York where my apartment is too dark for photos and I don’t have a tripod, so to take photos of myself I have to sit right up against the window and balance the camera on the couch. You can’t see my pj shorts at all when I do that, so the bench is modeling again. Thanks bench.

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