Shibori jellyfish


Jellyfish are my favorite animal, and the colors and blurred edges of shibori are reminiscent of the ocean, so of course my shibori experiments had to include a jellyfish. I first drew the jellyfish on the fabric in pencil. For the body I sewed along the lines with running stitch and gathered it tightly. For the tentacles I pinched up a little fold, sewed over it with whip stitch, and pulled it tight. This creates a sort of chevron resist pattern which reminds me of herringbone. If you’re using this technique, note that the tip of the chevron will point toward the tip of the needle and the barbs will point back toward the eye of the needle. It will look almost like arrows pointing in the direction you sewed. So, if you’re making tentacles, it would be better to start at the end and sew toward the body, which unfortunately is not what I did. But I like my jellyfish anyway.



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