Rosie’s birthday top

This top was my birthday present to Rosalie. It’s a bit summery for our current weather, but she was nice enough to model it for me outdoors anyway.

To make this top I used 1 yard of the dotted fabric, about half a yard of lining fabric, a 9″ zipper, and 33 inches of ribbon (an inch more than enough to go around her ribcage). The pieces of the pattern are:

Cut the straps of the front longer than you need to leave room for tying. It is easy to shorten them once you’ve put the knots in and can measure accurately. The skirt should be a bit bigger than the person wearing it so it hangs away from the body (I made Rosie’s about 8 inches larger than her: 4 in front, 4 in back).

To put it together, gather the bodice and its lining at the bust. Sew the bodice to its lining and turn right side out. Knot the straps. Measure and cut straps to the right length. Pin the straps to the back. Sew the back to its lining, catching the straps in this seam. Sew up one side of the bodice. Sew up the same side of the skirt and gather along the top. Sew this gathered top seam to the bottom edge of the bust. Add zipper to the open side and sew up the rest of the seam. Hem the bottom of the skirt.

If I left something out, or you’re wondering what that unlabeled piece on the left of my sketch is (it’s the back of the top), please ask!

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  1. Dita Maulani says:

    How I wish I could sew neatly.
    I like the tiny red dots pattern you use. Your friend looks amazing!


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