It took me a while to figure out what to do with this fabric. It’s soft and drapey and I love the way it feels, but it’s somewhat more patterned and brightly colored than I usually wear. I considered making this romper (which I have a pattern for lying around somewhere), hoping that the fairly small amount of fabric involved would make it less overwhelming. But, sadly, my life does not really call for such a garment. I then considered making it a gift for someone else. Rosalie has started wearing bright colors since moving to Miami, and might have liked a skirt from this fabric. But skirts aren’t a very interesting sewing project, and Rosie makes so many for herself, she doesn’t really need another. So the fabric sat, for nearly a year, its destiny unknown. Finally last weekend I decided I wanted a robe, and this fabric was perfect for the project.



I’m not entirely happy with this robe. I really should have done french seams – the rough edges show, and every time I wear it I pull off another loose thread. But it’s soft and comfy and was a nice little weekend project.

The body and sleeves are cut together into a t-shaped piece of fabric. The hem of the robe curves up so the back is longer than the front, to offset the way the fabric naturally pools at the sides. The contrast band along the bottom mimics this curve, but the contrast band along the front is a long straight strip of fabric which runs all the way up one side, around the neck, and back down to the hem. I always lose sashes, so it closes with a ribbon loop and button.


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