Red top

I recently made myself a couple of stripey shirts. I don’t think they look much alike, and I know you won’t either, but when I went to show David the second one he said “weren’t the stripes darker yesterday? Did the cat sit on it?” I explained that they were different shirts and he pointed out that they were similar patterns and both loose fitting, and then he looked sort of sad. So I promised to make something different next time.

This shirt is for David – much closer fitting than the others, and in his favorite color. I love the stripey shirts and I’ll wear them to work this week, but over the weekend it’s nice to wear something that makes David smile.

If your boyfriend is pouting about your very easy summer shirts and you want something fitted you can whip up in between orders for other people (or whatever fills your weekend), this is a very simple top. It’s more or less my draped t-shirt without the sleeves. I made mine as wide as my waist at the waist and tapered out a couple of inches above and bellow, which makes for a fairly close fitting top. For a more standard t-shirt fit, match your bust measurement and taper in and then out again from that. At the armpits curve in slightly in front (less than you would for a set in sleeve), and a bit more in back. This will make the front wider than the back, giving the top a slight cowl neck. Cut the neckline straight across. Sew up the sides, and hand sew the corners of the neckline together.

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  1. AnnaPK says:

    Your designs are amazing!! I am not sure how I found you, I think maybe I repinned someone’s pin of your easiest shirt ever. Anyway, I am so happy to have found you! Thank you for sharing your wonderful style!

  2. So cute! i love it, thanks for sharing.

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