Pleated skirt I

This weekend I made a pair of simple pleated skirts. This one is from a beautiful gray ikat remnant that was sold “as is.” There are a couple of small pulls, which I don’t mind at all, but there was also a messier damaged section near one side. I cut along the damage, dividing the fabric into two uneven pieces and used the larger section (cut in half again) for the body of the skirt and the smaller section for the waistband and pockets.

This skirt has 2″ pleats every 3″, deep inseam pockets, and an invisible zip and hook and eye closure. I only ironed the top of the pleats, just enough to sew in the pleats. The soft loose-woven cotton wouldn’t hold pleats well anyway, and it’s much easier to just iron a couple of inches – that way you don’t have to worry about keeping the lines straight. With most of the ironing cut out and a machine sewn hem, the skirt took less than an hour.

The baby reports that this fabric is delicious. My mom’s puppy would like to verify that claim.

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