Pleated dress

The closure on this dress is a bit complicated. I had five beautiful buttons I wanted to show off – just enough for the top of a dress. But the buttons run out at my waist as the skirt begins, which wouldn’t leave enough of an opening to get into the dress. I fixed this problem by having the front pleat snap shut. I sewed up a little bit at each fold just to help it lie flat, but the pleat is mostly open when the snaps are undone, leaving plenty of room to get into the dress. Then I snap up each edge of the pleat and cover it with a belt, and it looks like an ordinary box pleat.

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6 Responses to Pleated dress

  1. Sarah says:

    Great job solving that problem, the result is splendid.
    And I love the fabric, the color looks great with your hair.

  2. Jose says:


    Well, it may be about the buttons, but my favourite photo is the top one :-)

    Best regards,

    José (hushcolours at etsy)

  3. Amanda says:

    Just beautiful! I love the dress and I love love love these pictures!

  4. Ava says:

    I absolutely adore this dress! Would you ever consider doing a tutorial on how to make it?

    -Ava from Berkeley

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