N&P’s adventures


When we were kids one of our favorite parts of the day was Writer’s Workshop, where we wrote stories, edited them, and bound them into little fabric covered books. Prima’s ongoing series was titled N&P’s Adventures, and chronicled our expeditions to the creek behind her house, down the forbidden path to the graveyard near our school, or to the redwood forest with our families.


Since Prima moved to Brattleboro, Vermont a month ago, we can adventure together again! On Wednesday we both ditched work and met up in Connecticut. We had a lovely little picnic in the park, where we discovered we had two of everything: since we have exactly the same idea what a picnic should be like, we brought all the same things. We’ll plan better next time, but it was fun unpacking our picnic baskets and saying to each other “you brought plums? I brought plums!” After the picnic we headed off to the beach for a photo shoot which you’ll see soon!


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