Not really the same

This is the shirt that confused David, who couldn’t tell it apart from the one I posted Saturday. Even in an otherwise identical outfit, I think they’re pretty different. But maybe that’s just me.

This one is a variation on simple rectangular shirt, this time with a 3″ difference between the front and back.

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4 Responses to Not really the same

  1. Naomi says:

    I love this shirt! I’ve been looking for some nice stripey knit. Where do you get yours?

  2. Alice Bair says:

    I love this striped shirt. I don’t know what you mean about the 3″ difference between the front and the back. You look adorable in the clothes you make! Thanks for sharing.


    • naomi says:

      This shirt is made by sewing together two rectangles of slightly different sizes (I describe how to do this in a bit more detail here). The extra fabric on the larger piece drapes down and forms the neckline. A larger difference, like the 8 inches I used in my first shirt in this style, forms a cowl neck. But here the front neckline is only 3″ longer than the back, which makes the somewhat higher neckline you see here.

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