Mock cuffs

I would always rather sew a seam than finish an edge. It’s faster, tidier, and there’s none of that folding the edge up and pressing that always burns my fingers. So I often think about ways to replace hemming with another seam. I’ve told you before about using a contrast band around the edge of a skirt in place of a hem, but this can also be a cute way to finish a sleeve. On sleeves I like to use the main fabric for a quiet mock cuff look, but there are all sorts of ways you could modify this idea.

To add mock cuffs, cut a rectangle of fabric twice as wide as you want your cuffs to be (plus seam allowance) and an inch longer than the wrist opening of your sleeve. Fold the fabric in half so the right sides are facing in and sew up the short sides. Fold it right side out and press. Place the cuff on top of the edge of the sleeve with the right sides facing each other (not that the cuff really has a right side) and the raw edges aligned. The ends of the cuff should overlap slightly. Make sure this overlap will point down when worn. Sew along the raw edge, flip the cuff down, and sew down the overlap with a pair of buttons. Repeat on the other sleeve.

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