Maternity dress

I’ve always enjoyed making maternity clothes for friends and family (and a few Etsy customers), but my baby’s due in less than a month and I haven’t made anything for myself. I’ve had some things in mind all summer – mostly lightweight dresses with pockets. But I haven’t felt up for making things, and while I have bought some adequate pocketless alternatives, my favorite maternity dress is one I made long before I got pregnant. I’ve written about it before, but it has a somewhat different look now.

This is almost what I would have made if I’d intended it as a maternity dress. The light weight fabric, pockets, long skirt that disguises the rising front of the hemline, and gathers to accommodate a growing belly are all great. The only thing I would have done differently if I’d known I’d be wearing it at such a variety of sizes is to give it adjustable straps. As I get bigger the armholes are crawling up a bit high. But it is still the most comfortable thing I can wear on a hot summer day.

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