Ladybug fingerless gloves pattern

I knit these a very long time ago, but I didn’t like the photos I took of them at the time, because my coat sleeves covered up the ladybugs. It finally occurred to me that I could stage photos where you can actually see the gloves! The pictures look a little silly to me, since I can’t imagine any reason I’d wear warm gloves with a sleeveless dress other than this photoshoot, but you can see the ladybugs and that’s the important thing.

The gloves are a little fuzzy after two years of use, but I still love them. They’re currently my favorites for trips to the park – fingerless is nice, since I find I’m always taking full gloves off to get something out for the baby, and these are as warm as fingerless gloves can be and super soft, thanks to the double knit alpaca. I don’t remember what the yarn was, but it’s a fingering weight alpaca, and my gauge appears to have been 7 stitches/ 9 rows per inch. I believe I started with a skein of each and had a fair amount left over at the end of the project (I know, what a useful yardage estimate!)

I almost always wear them as yellow gloves with a pink ladybug, but one of the fun things about double knitting is that it’s reversible! The pattern is fairly easy aside from the double knitting – there’s no thumb really, which makes for the simplest hand warmers. It is as follows:

If you’re using double knitting, cast on 80 stitches, split to work 40 stitches on each side. If you’re using another sort of colorwork, just cast on 40 stitches. Join to work in the round, and place a marker at the join. Work 10 rows, then begin increasing 1 stitches on either side of the marker every row (if double knitting, be sure to increase in both colors). On the first increase row, place a second marker 16 stitches before the first marker for the right hand and 3 stitches after for the left hand. After 4 increase rows, begin working ladybug chart after the second marker.

Ladybug colorwork chart

After the last charted row, bind off all increased stitches. Work the remaining stitches in the round for another 10 rows, then bind off. Sew the inner edge of the thumb opening together for about 1/3 of it’s length. Work in all yarn tails. Your gloves are done!

If you’re planning on taking winter photos in a summer dress, you may also need a cozy blanket to stay warm. The pattern for mine is here.

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