I am finally caught up on all my clothing orders! The wholesale swimsuits put me a bit behind, but this weekend I finished the last few pieces. I have time to make things for myself again, and I have many exciting projects to share with you. One of them involves this pile of old lace, which I bought from the most wonderful store. Lacis has an entire room full of old lace for sale. There are place mats, pillowcases, fragments from cuffs and collars, crocheted gloves, tatted edgings, strangely shaped pieces of lace for covering very specific pieces of furniture, and a basket of unwanted old doilies. I went through this basket carefully, and came out with a stack of $15 worth of old doilies. I’ve pinned them to my dress form, and I plan on making something a bit like this.

Did I mention that Lacis is a wonderful store? Not only do they sell old lace, lace making supplies, millinery supplies, and all sorts of other wonderful crafting bits and pieces, they also have a museum in the back room. It currently has an exhibit of 19th century foundation garments, ranging from intricately embroidered chemises to strange cage-like bustles. I was surprised by the size of the corsets – there is no way I could have fit into any but the very largest, even holding my breath, and I’m pretty small. It was interesting to see all the layers involved in dressing a 19th century woman, and most of the samples are beautifully decorated (as you might expect from a lace museum). If you are in the Bay Area, it is worth checking out.

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  1. Melody says:

    That sounds like a spiffy shop! I’m not into sewing, but it still seems like a fun place to poke around.

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