I finished these pants about two weeks ago, and I’ve worn them almost everyday since. I love how they look. I love how the breeze goes right through them on a hot day. They keep me clean when I have rats on my lap at work. They’re a bit more reasonable than my other summer pants, but they still have the wide leg and high waist I like so much. So every morning I try to find something else to wear, but I end up putting on these jeans again. Time to make another pair.

This is the first pair of jeans I’ve ever made, and it was quite a project. I skipped the front pockets, but even so there were a lot of details to figure out, and a ton of top stitching. It was slow and involved a lot of ripping things out and starting over again. But now I have a better idea what I’m doing, so I’m working on another pair, this time with all five pockets, and taking pictures of the process. Instructions for some of the trickier steps are on their way.

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8 Responses to Jeans

  1. Ayla says:

    wow..those look really cute.

  2. Karen Bower says:

    Cute jeans, but I HAVE to have pockets in my skirt or pants. Try some on your next pair.

    • naomi says:

      Oh, I do too! These do have patch pockets in back – it’s just the complicated front pockets I skipped.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I absolutely love your blog! It is fantastic and I am staring at these jeans wishing I had a pair just like them. I am determined to try your swim suit tutorial before summer is over because I am in love with your high waisted bikini bottoms. Anyways when I try the swim suit I will be sure to let you know how it turns out.

  4. Sarah H says:

    Found your blog today and am moseying around. These pants are fabulous, I would love to have info on how to make some and wear to purchase the fabric you used that looks so nice and lets a breeze through.

    • naomi says:

      The fabric is just a dark blue chambray – the sort of fabric that “denim” shirts are made out of. I think you can get it almost anywhere.

  5. lunachick265 says:

    What lovely pants! I too, adore the wide-leg and high-waist styles. Using chambray for a denim look in summer-what a great idea. I’m curious to know what pattern you used. I’m looking for a good trouser pattern, and that looks to be a likely candidate for me.

    • naomi says:

      I made my own pattern for these pants, which I don’t really recommend unless you’ve made pants before – getting the fly right is tricky. It is pretty easy to modify pants patterns to change the leg shape and rise though. I wrote about making very wide leg pants here:
      You could use the same approach to make something a bit less extreme, like these.

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