Isabel’s bridesmaid dress

Isabel’s bridesmaid dress was a design we’d been talking about making for her for a while. The full skirt, low back, and high neckline are elements we both always love. In fact, you’ll see all of those same things in my dress, although the styles are completely different. The pattern pieces for this dress are:

Most of the measurements are very forgiving. As long as the waistband fits well, it will look fine. The dress closes with an invisible zip on the side.

The trickiest part of this dress was figuring out how to finish all the edges. The front is fully lined, which takes care of the edges, but for the back I wanted a very crisp edge, whereas a lining gives a softer edge. I finished the armholes and the bottom edge of the back by folding and sewing them down, but for the long straight sides of the back I used iron in seam tape. It makes for a slightly stiff edge that isn’t suited to most things, but was perfect for a place where I wanted to emphasize a straight line and make sure everything stayed put when she was dancing.

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