My sister Rosalie recently scanned some old photos, including my class photo from 1995 featuring my favorite dress ever. That’s me in the back row, third from the left, wearing The Dress. This dress was so soft and cozy, it made up for having to get out of bed on cold foggy mornings. It had a tiered twirly skirt and ruffles and was, to my 9 year old eye, the most beautiful thing ever. It died a sudden and tragic death in a lunch time football game.


I never forgot this dress, and a few years ago it inspired another similarly cozy dress. As an adult, I don’t wear a lot of ruffled necklines and tiered skirts, so I didn’t create a perfect replica. I gave it a more adult shape, a simple bias tape bound neckline, and mock cuffs. The skirt is still twirly, but a simpler a-line shape. But the soft buffalo check flannel is the same, and that’s the important thing.

DSC07386 (1)



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3 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Kristin says:

    That dress looks so chic and stylish – and I never thought I’d say that about flannel! I absolutely love it!

  2. steph says: I want one! :)

  3. Michele says:

    I love how you inspire yourself with your sewing projects. I had a red and black plaid dress similar to yours but mine was from 1968 when I was in play school. I have a picture of me in it playing with clay and I can remember being 4 and loving that dress. Maybe I need to find some red and black check or plaid and make an adult version for myself. Cheers, Michele

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