Hyderabad dress


I made this dress a while ago and never wrote about it. Mostly because I made a top around the same time that was so similar in construction, it seemed repetitive to post this dress as well. Both are made by gathering the front into seam binding, which runs up to form straps. This version is a maxi dress, made from 2 yards of 60″ gauzy cotton, and cut to use almost all of that fabric. The body is made from two large trapezoids with a bit of armhole shaping, and the left over triangles went into bias tape and inseam side pockets.


This is a pretty simple dress. What makes it special is the fabric. It’s light and floaty and the wind goes right through it, making it comfortable on even very hot days. I like the texture of the fabric – a thin gauze with heavier cords running vertically every two inches or so. The vegetable dye block print is subtle and pretty. But mostly I like it because the fabric is full of memories of a trip to India with my dad, and the fun we had finding it.


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