How to make inverted pleat curtains

I haven’t made any clothes recently, but it’s not because I haven’t been sewing. I’ve been busy working on my new apartment. By far the biggest apartment project was curtains.

Curtains are a great thing to make yourself, as store bought versions just can’t fit your windows as neatly as something you made to measure. They are fairly time consuming and require a lot of fabric, but their mass-produced cousins are so expensive anyway, it’s worth the trouble.

Start with a piece of fabric at least twice the width of your window and 7 inches longer than you want the finished curtains to be. You will also need a piece of lining fabric that is two inches smaller than the main fabric in each dimension.

Place the lining fabric along one long side of the main fabric, with the right sides facing in. The main fabric should extend an inch beyond the lining on each end. Sew along this side. Repeat on the other side. NOTE: the main fabric is wider than the lining fabric, so they will not lie flat against each other. Pull the lining fabric all the way to the edge of the main fabric so the edges you’re sewing line up.

Turn the tube you’ve just created right side out. Turn under about an inch of the main fabric on each side, and press. The lining and main fabric should now lie flat against each other.

Fold and press 1/2 inch along the bottom. Fold and press another 3 inches.Whip stitch this hem to the lining. Repeat along the top.

Measure and mark where your pleats will go. To figure out where these marks should go, I’ve made you a little calculator:

Curtain Width
Window Width
Number of Pleats
Width of Pleat
Spaces between Pleats

To make a pleat: On the wrong side of the curtain, pinch the fabric between your marks. Tack down the end of the pleat, then push the pleat out and whip stitch along the top of the curtain to hold the pleat in place.

For a crisp finish you can iron the pleat down. Mine are not ironed.

Attach a hook at the center of each pleat and hang your curtains!

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