How to add front jeans pockets

To make front pockets for jeans, first cut out two pieces of fabric in each of these three shapes:

Next sew down the small denim piece to the round white piece using a zig zag stitch so the edges won’t fray.

Cut out a 2″ square with a pointed end (like a mini version of the back patch pocket). Fold and iron all sides and stitch down the top edge, using a double line of stitching.

Sew the mini patch pocket to the right hand front pocket.

Take the remaining white pocket pieces (the ones with the cut out in the top) and pin it at the corner the front of the pants. Sew the pocket piece to the front of the pants, then trim the pants along the curve of the pocket. Turn the pocket inside out and top stitch it in place.

Sew the two pieces of the pocket together, in standard pocket making fashion. Your pockets are done!

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