How I made my summer pants

Someone asked how I made my new pants. I wouldn’t recommend trying to follow these instructions unless you’ve made pants before and have a pattern for them (or are comfortable making your own pattern, but in that case you should use these instructions).

Trace the crotch and waist from the front and back pieces of your pattern. For each piece, draw a slightly angled straight line down from the outside edge of the waist. This line should be as long as the outer leg seam on your pattern. Draw a line at the same angle from the edge of the crotch. This line should be as long as the inseam on your pattern. Draw a curve connecting the two lines.

Cut out two front pieces, two back pieces, and the waistband (details here). Sew the two front pieces together at the crotch. Sew the two back pieces together in the same way. Sew the front to the back along the inseam and one outer seam. Put an invisible zipper into the remaining outer leg seam (I just learned how to do this right! I’m very excited and will be sharing a tutorial soon), and sew up the rest of the seam. Sew the waistband to the top. Hem the leg openings.

ETA: Invisible zipper tutorial is up.

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