How big is a baby?

I sewed something for the baby! I’ve knit him a couple of hats, but these panda print pjs were my first baby sewing project. While I usually like to make my own patterns, my method relies on measuring the person a garment is for, which isn’t really possible in this situation. So I used Kwik Sew K2433 Romper Sewing Pattern. It was a pretty easy pattern to use, even for someone who’s not used to following patterns. My only note is that if you’re using a directional print, you have to turn the pattern piece for the top of the foot around (so the text is upside down) to get the pattern to line up. I cut it the other way up at first, but it’s a small piece so recutting it wasn’t a big deal.

Whenever I make something for the baby, I’m simultaneously surprised by how small it is (a full body outfit from half a yard of fabric!) and how big it is (so much bigger than my belly, and this is supposed to fit him when he’s born?). Another good reason to use a pattern – if I just looked up the size of the average newborn and tried to make my own pattern from there, I’m sure I’d make the neck opening way too small, or the arms much too long. I really have no sense of how big an infant is. I guess that’s going to change.

I got a set of press snap pliers for this project, and I’m so happy I did. The press snaps are easier to put in than sew in snaps, and so much more secure once they’re set. I used plain ring snaps for the leg opening, and decorative pearl snaps for the front placket. The pearl snaps are a bit too secure – they can be hard to snap and unsnap, but squeezing the stud a bit with pliers fixed that.

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