Heart Pockets

I made this dress back in December. I thought I’d photograph it the next day, but the next day I was just exhausted. I found out a few days later I was pregnant, and I remained much too tired and queazy to take photos (or do much of anything) for months. But now, at 20 weeks, I’m feeling more myself, and when the tulips started blooming on my patio it seemed like time to revisit my last sewing project. I hope that soon I will be back to sewing new things. Tiny things!

The dress has slit pockets hidden under the heart patches, since the patches themselves aren’t big enough to be useful as pockets. The sleeves and body of the dress are cut together, with one piece for the front and one piece for the back, joined along the sides and the top and bottom of the sleeves. This works because the double knit fabric it’s made from is so stretchy, and it made for a quick and easy project.

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