Gray and red

Saturday afternoon I came back from dance class to discover my sisters had been so inspired by my outfit they had put on the same colors (they claim it was a coincidence, but I know better). Rosie made the shirt she’s wearing from my tutorial, and reports that it took about 40 minutes. She traced a shirt that fits well up to the armpits and used my approach for the sleeves and cowl neck. Isabel and I took advantage of the chance to wear each other’s clothes – she is wearing a skirt I made (tutorial here), and I’m wearing one she brought back from Vietnam.

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4 Responses to Gray and red

  1. Mary says:

    These photos are cute! You guys look a bit alike:) I really like the skirt you made that your sister is wearing.

  2. Great sister photos!
    The birthday top is soo cute!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Fun : )
    I like the skirt you are wearing the best.

  4. Lonely says:

    Nice photos for the 3 beautiful girls.. I really like the skirt, very attractive and fashion attire. Hope you can post more photos..

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