Field of fairies


Late afternoon light glittering on this field was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. You can almost see in these photos the way the air above the field sparkled and the grass glowed. We came here at the end of my last day in Brattleboro, and it was a perfect end to a wonderful weekend.


My dress is less than perfect. I love the fabric: a cotton lawn printed with art deco pansies. I’m happy with the back, which is low but bra friendly, and the general silhouette. The neckline is ok, although I had to put a pleat in the front after I cut it out too wide, but I think that fixed it. The problem is the elastic waist. The dress really isn’t big enough on top to warrant an elastic waist, and it’s a struggle to get into, especially when you’ve decided you need an outfit change out in a field with a couple of friendly strangers asking where you’re from. It really needs a side zipper, and someday I may add one.



Photos by Prima.

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