Endpaper mitts


Tania works in Times Square,¬†distributing tickets to theater goers. This time of year it can get quite chilly, and she spends long stretches on street corners waiting for stragglers to come collect their tickets. She has big warm gloves she borrowed from her dad at the beginning of winter and has yet to return, but she has to take them off to pick out the right ticket and complained to me about how cold her hands¬†get on snowy nights. I volunteered to make her fingerless gloves she can wear under her dad’s big warm gloves, to keep some of the warmth in while she sorts through tickets. It wasn’t an entirely altruistic offer – I’ve been eyeing the Endpaper Mitts for a while, looking for an excuse to try some color work.

This was a good project for someone just learning color work – the pattern covers the entire glove so you get a lot of practice and if your tension is a bit off, as mine was, the whole thing just ends up a slightly different size than you expected. No weird transitions from color work gauge to solid gauge as in my last complete failure at color work. Plus the pattern is pretty and easy to memorize, making this excellent subway knitting.

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