Dip dye


Another of my Brattleboro dye projects was dip dyeing this dress. I made the dress a while ago, but always wanted to dye it. It was just a bit boring in plain white. The design was fun, with a low backed lining covered with a higher eyelet overlay with a keyhole back and shallow v-neck front. I finished all the edges with bias tape binding, and closed the back with a sparkly glass button. But it needed something more. So I brought it up to Prima’s with a lot of red dye and dip dyed the skirt.


To dye the dress, I wrapped the part I wanted to keep white in cling wrap. I never put this part in the dye vat, but I wanted to make sure it didn’t get splattered. It was also helpful to have the end of the plastic as a marker for how high I wanted to dye to come. In the past I’ve ended up dyeing quite a bit more than I meant to  because it’s hard to judge how much is under the surface of the dye. I left the exposed end in the dye vat for about an hour, turning it from time to time so the dye would come out even. The dye was Cherry Red from Rit. It’s not really red, but it’s a nice shade of dark pink. To get this color, rather than a bright hot pink, I used three times the recommended concentration and rinsed it cold. Even with a color that sets better than red, you really have to hand wash a dress like this and make sure the water runs from the white to the color. There’s no other way to keep the white white.

DSC09809 DSC09815


Photos of me taken by Prima at the Smith Botanic Garden.

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