Destash Project 1: corduroy pants

I finished the first of the my destash projects! I saw this corduroy when I was shopping for customer fabric (a job that brings me to the fabric store every week is a dangerous thing), and immediately knew that I wanted to make an autumn version of my wide leg jeans. But I really didn’t have any time to make things for myself, so I sadly left it there. A few weeks later I saw it again, this time on sale, and couldn’t resist. So it sat on my craft table for weeks, waiting for me to find time and for the weather to get cold enough that corduroy pants sounded like an urgent problem. Last weekend that time finally came.

I know you can’t really see the pants in these photos. I got distracted by the sunset and the city and the beautiful quiet evening, and sort of forgot I’d gone out to document the pants. More informative photos will come, along with more about how to make pants.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I love corduroy pants! I also love these pictures, they look so fantastic.

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