Curtain dress


Another attempt to use up some of the mountain of fabric scraps taking over my mom’s house. The top of this dress was a sample strip of curtain fabric which my mom considered for her living room. If she actually had curtains that looked like this, I think I’d feel weird about wearing a dress made out of them, but since she settled on a different fabric, I thought it would make a pretty top. The piece was a very long, 10″ wide strip. I didn’t cut out pieces, just added darts until one end of the strip was roughly me-shaped and cut off the rest. The skirt and trim are a silvery velvet from no-one-knows-where. The dress closes with a side zipper and is hemmed with single fold bias tape, which made for a very easy tidy hem on this thick fabric.


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2 Responses to Curtain dress

  1. Joyce says:

    It looks gorgeous! You are very very talented and inspiring <3

  2. Prima says:

    You would feel weird wearing a dress made from curtains? Do we not remember the glorious Fraulein Maria? Are you worried it might cause sudden urges to frolic around the Alps? Really, my dear, I could not approve more of wearing the drapery.

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