DSC06861DSC06802DSC06840DSC06783DSC06823I fell in love with these cut shell buttons as soon as I saw them. There were only seven uneven vintage buttons, with their shanks stuck on at odd angles, but seven little buttons is the perfect number for a cropped shirt. I pulled out all my white and gray scraps leftover from other projects (it turns out nearly all my fabric scraps are white and gray) and pieced them together with princess seams, raglan sleeves, and ribbon edging. It turns out ribbon works pretty well as an alternative seam binding. It doesn’t have the stretch of bias tape, which can be a problem along the edges of an arm hole – parts of the arm hole are cut on the bias and prone to stretching, and the ribbon is stiff, so if the fabric stretches while you’re sewing you can get awkward gaping. The solution is to ever so slightly gather the fabric before sewing it up. The binding you get this way is not as flexible as bias tape, but it’s pretty comfortable and I like the way this grosgrain ribbon with a little gray stripe goes with the other fabrics.

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