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When I first suggested meeting in Connecticut for a photo shoot, Prima was skeptical. Neither of us has ever spent much time there and she was concerned we wouldn’t be able to find any really good places to take pictures. When she found out there was a carousel she instantly went from reluctant to very excited. She’s wanted to do a carousel shoot for years, but I’ve put it off because the combination of low light from being indoors and a moving target makes it difficult to take good pictures. But I agreed to try, because really the point of this outing was just to see each other and play dress up a bit and we could always take photos next to the carousel rather than actually on it.

But when we arrived, the carousel was locked up! Fortunately there were many other lovely places to take pictures nearby and we wandered off for a day at the beach. But as we were finishing up photographing my dress (coming soon!) we noticed an open door. There was a wedding at the carousel planned for that evening, and the caterers had arrived to set up. We asked if we could take some pictures and nobody minded, and in the end it worked out perfectly! No motion blur or other people’s children in the background, and all the time we needed to take the photos we imagined.

Prima’s dress is for sale in her Etsy shop.

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2 Responses to Carousel

  1. chonie says:

    You guys took such a beautiful pictures. The place was so interesting.

    Would love to see your dress.


  2. Lisa G. says:

    Ah, the carousel in Hartford! I haven’t been there for many years.

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