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I’m in Brattleboro, Vermont for the weekend, visiting Prima. It’s lovely here: quiet and green. A bit stormy yesterday, but that’s my favorite weather to take photos in. We had a delightful photo shoot in the graveyard and in front of what we’re convinced is a witches house.

As you learned in the last post, what really matters in a skirt is its buttons. This one came from my last visit to Brattleboro, when Prima and I spent all afternoon browsing the button collection at Delectable Mountain Fabric. You can’t really tell in the photos, but it has a line drawing of a poppy. I think it was happy to come home.


The skirt I’m wearing is quite an easy one, even for a beginner seamstress. The front and back are rectangles, as long as you want the skirt to be and each as wide as your hip measurement (or a bit less if you don’t want the skirt to be quite so puffy). The waistband is a strip 1″ longer than your waist + seam allowance and 1″ wide + seam allowance. Cut a second waistband to use as lining.

Sew up both sides of the skirt, putting in pockets if you want them. Gather the skirt, beginning 4″ away one side seam and ending 4″ away from the same seam (As in, gather your skirt except for 8″ at one side). Pull in the gathers until the gathered portion is as long as your waist. Sew the waistband to its lining along one long side, down both short sides, and one inch in along the other long side (to form the button tab). Next, sew the waistband to the gathered portion of the skirt: press under 1/4 inch on the front of the waistband, sew the lining to the skirt, then top-stitch down the front of the waistband. Make a buttonhole in the tab of the waistband, sew a button on the opposite side. Finally, try on the skirt, fold the extra flap of fabric to the front or back, and add a hook and eye to hold the end of the flap in place.


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4 Responses to Brattleboro skirt

  1. Natasha says:

    That’s very pretty fabric.

  2. Claudia says:

    Great tutorial! What kind of shoes are you wearing in the photo? Very pretty!

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