Art Deco lace

This dress was based on two patterns from the book Lace Style. I used the shape of the Essential Tank Top, and the lace pattern from the Ooh La Lace Dress. I used crochet cotton, and my lace repeats ended up slightly smaller than the original. I knit it a few years ago as a dress for Isabel, but she’s grown a bit (or just stopped wearing her dresses quite so short), and we generally treat it as a top these days.

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  1. Samantha BennettLepel says:

    Is there any way you could provide some more specific directions to merging the two patterns together? I absolutely love this!

    • naomi says:

      The front and back of my top are identical. For each piece I cast on for four lace repeats of the ooh la lace pattern, knit up to the armpits (I just held it up to myself from time to time until I liked the length), and decreased for the armholes / cast off / sewed it all together as in the essential tank top. Hope that helps!

  2. Alicja says:

    Hi! I love this top/dress :)
    Is it possible for you to share the pattern?
    I never did a top, just few scarves, I would really appreciate the answer.

    Thank you,

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