Apron skirt

This skirt is more or less an apron. I made it years ago when I found all fasteners hard to put in and I wanted to make a skirt without any. Instead it just ties. There are two layers to the skirt (although it would work with one). The top layer is an apron: a rectangular piece of fabric long enough to wrap all the way around my body gathered to my waist size and sewn into a waistband with long ties at one end.

The bottom layer is sewn up along the side into an ordinary skirt. However, if it were the same size as the top layer it would be impossible to get on, so I added an extra eight inches or so which are not sewn into the waistband. This makes it easy to put the skirt on. When I tie up the side I tie in this end so it doesn’t gape. It’s a very simple summer skirt and was easy to make at a time when I didn’t like putting in zippers, buttons, or elastic.

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  1. Olive says:

    I was just wondering how thick did you make the waistband and a few more details about it. Because in the pictures the one side is higher on you hip, which i like, but i was wondering how you did it.

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