A covered bridge



Vermont is very into its covered bridges. Prima took me to a lovely bookstore overlooking a river, where we failed to find a copy of her favorite book for me to read, but did find a surprisingly large collection of books with titles like Covered Bridges of Vermont. At the time I was a bit annoyed with the covered bridges for taking up shelf space which could have housed the book we were looking for. But a few hours later when I saw the bridge crossing over our swimming hole I understood. It’s a pretty cool bridge.

DSC03746 (1)


This skirt is similar to the other one I brought to Vermont. The skirt is only a third again the size of my hips rather than twice as large, making for a less fluffy skirt. But the basic construction is the same. It does have a wider waistband which requires a dart at each side and one or two in back and it closes with two overly enthusiastic hammer in snaps rather than a button. I regret the choice of snaps: I like this skirt but I want to take it off some day.

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